Patented platform makes the financial world interactive

For Consumers

A simple button lets consumers manage their money, credit and identity directly with our proprietary network of 30,000+ banks, creditors and institutions.

Managing ones personal financial universe can be scary, from low balance alerts to changing credits scores, fraud, and identity theft. For many, financial independence is always under attack.

That’s why our technology and finance experts created a leading edge platform empowering consumers to manage their personal finances, credit, and identity, all in one convenient place.

"Our platform makes the financial world interactive and generates unique big data opportunities".

David B. Coulter - Founder & C.E.O.

For Financial Institutions

The ConsumerDirect Platform provides a central hub of communication and problem resolution between consumers and their banks, creditors or other insitutions. Using our patented technology, issues and questions can be easily resolved by both the consumer and the financial institution by the click of a button.

For Business

The ConsumerDirect Platform has several Products & API's which help large and small businesses grow faster with co-brands, private labels, lead generation tools and opt-in big data to track consumers money, credit and identity behavior.


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